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Html interview questions

HTML Interview Questions
Question 1) What is HTML and what is it used for?
Question 2) What does HTML mean?
Question 3) What year was the first HTML introduced?
Question 4) Who is the author of HTML?
Question 5) What is the meaning of markup in HTML?
Question 6) What is a physical tag and a logical tag in HTML?
Question 7) What is a nest in HTML?
Question 8) What is XML?
Question 9) What is cell spacing and cell padding?
Question 10) What is an HTML Tag?
Question 11) What is the element in HTML?
Question 12) How many types of lists are available in HTML?
Question 13) How to create a mailto link in HTML?
Question 14) What is a doctortype?
Question 15) Is the list of media types and formats available via HTML?
Question 16) Are different types of titles supported by HTML?
Question 17) What is semantic HTML?
Question 18) Who is known as the father of the World Wide Web (WWW)?
Question 19) What is the difference between a tag and an element in HTML?
Question 20) What is grouping in HTML?
Question 21) What is a Field Set in HTML?
Question 22) What is the difference between HIV and Spain in HTML?
Question 23) What is the use of os tags in HTML?
Question 24) What is a block element?
Question 25) What is an empty tag?
Question 26) What is inline text?
Question 27) What is the use of ID Attribution in HTML?
Question 28) How do you list bullets in HTML?
Question 29) What is a head tag used for?
Question 30) What is an HTML document?
Question 31) What is the basic structure of an HTML document?
Question 32) What is the purpose of using alternative text in pictures?
Question 33) What is a Image Map in HTML?
Question 34) Are there advantages to falling white spaces in HTML?

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