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c++ tutorial

C ++ is a general purpose programming language that features OOP and general programming. C ++ is widely used around the world and has been used in major performance systems, desktop applications, servers and performance related apps.

The C ++ language is a direct generation of C programming language with additional features such as type checking, object oriented programming, discount handling and more. You could call it the "Better C". It was developed by Business Stroostrup.
C ++ is a general purpose language language, when I say about general purpose it simply means that it has been used to develop applications in a wide variety of domains.

The language was created by Danish computer scientist Bjarna Strostrup, who was working on 'CW classes' and was released as C ++ in 1985, after 23+ years, as C ++ enrichment operator. Is. Language used in the world, after Java and C ++.

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