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The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development


All the beautiful and powerful websites that appear on the internet are the combined creation of web designers and web developers. People who are new to web development often have discussions with web designers in terms of web developers, but in reality these are two different professions. Smaller organizations that are not dedicated to websites do not hire web designers, but rather ask their web developer to design and develop a complete website, but large organizations that are mostly dedicated to their website Depending on, hire both web designer and web developer. Create a beautiful, interactive and powerful website.


Here in this article, we have explained what is the difference between a web designer and a web developer and what role they play in creating a website.


Web designer


In the industry, before we make or prepare anything, we first make a blueprint and a proper plan of how things will go when employees work on the project. A web designer is the first person to design and design a complete website. They design the overall look and feel of the web page and plan where each element of the website will go. We can imagine a web designer as an architect who designs a blueprint or layout of our website.


Web designers are always influential but they also play an important role in the development of the web, it is the job of the web designer to design the user friendly web page, and provide the best environment to the user so that they always visit your website. Stay connected. .


The main task of a web designer is to create or imagine an interface that can attract the attention of users and the interface is logical which means that it can be implemented by web developers. Unlike a web developer, a web designer does not need to be an expert in how to build or operate a website, he just needs to design a website that will allow more users to access his website. In order to be attracted to, however, they need to know in advance how the websites work and whether it is possible to create the website they are currently developing.


Role of web designer


The web designer uses tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer or Sketch to design the blueprint for the website.

A web designer should have good graphic and logo design skills.

A web designer should know how to design a website with rich user interface with less complexity.

They also need to design appropriate slots where all elements of the website will fit, such as images, buttons and other common shapes.

A web designer needs to update the layout of the website according to the market trend and also try to introduce new features on the website.

The web designer needs to know which color and font format will be appropriate for the website.

Web designers need to know about search engine optimization, so they design websites that can be listed on popular search engines.

The web designer needs to design a balanced and logical layout.


Web creation


Web developers are programmers who know the layout of the web designer, web developers use markup and programming languages ​​to write the code of the website. There are two types of web developers: front end developers and back end developers. For some reason frontend developers are treated like web designers because they create the interface of your web page, everything you see on the webpage or anything you can interact with is frontended. Created by developers.


Front end web developers


Frontend web developers use Trinity tools HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build website interfaces. It is the job of a front end developer to create a UI designed by a web designer. All of the website's buttons, font layouts, imagery, images, titles, and titles are handled by frontend developers.


User Interface (UI) Designer


UI Web Designer helps users improve the way they interact with elements, or interfaces, on your website. This is done by translating complex brand ideas and values ​​into a website that is enjoyable and easy to navigate.


How is it different from UX? This is really a joke. UX involves research to build a strong foundation for a positive user experience, while the UI focuses on the aesthetics of the original website.


Back end developers


These days all websites are dynamic in nature which means they all use the database to store and extract data and the backend developer writes the code for this dynamic nature of the website. Many tools and programming languages ​​can be used to create website backends, such as Java, MySQL, Python, PHP, C ++, C #, etc. Unlike front-end tools, programming languages ​​are not stable for back-up. At the end of development, the organization may change its back-end tools over time.

These developers specialize in programming and using complex software languages ​​such as Java, MySQL and C #. Users don't see the work they do because it involves coding on web servers and databases, not browsers (unlike frontend developers, which you'll soon find out).


in short. , Their job is to create logical, functional websites using different programs. They also spend a lot of time testing and fixing bugs.


Full stack developer


A complete stack developer works on different levels, but in short we can say that a complete stack developer is someone who knows both front as well as back end. Big organizations have separate teams for front end development and back end development, but smaller organizations that do not have the persistence of more than one developer are always looking for fully stack developers who can code both ends. Are

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